Miley Cyrus Displays Some Brotherly Love

Will the talents of the Cyrus clan ever cease to amaze?

OK! Magazine
reports that Miley Cyrus is recording a song, titled “Hovering,” with her musically inclined and wicked-suave brother Trace Cyrus.

The song will appear on the platinum edition of Miley’s new album, Breakout, which is scheduled for release on November 18.

Previously, Miley and dad Billy Ray Cyrus had appeared in the video for “Seventeen Forever” by Trace’s band, Metro Station.

In addition to presenting an opportunity for family bonding, the song also marks a darker musical turn for Miley, according to her bro.

“It’s kind of a more rock, edgy song for her, but I love the song. It’s great,” he says.

Could the world’s first death metal song about puppies and unicorns be imminent?

It’s nice to see Miley lend her relatives a helping hand. That sort of thing doesn’t happen often enough among show-biz folks.

Except when it happens all too often.