Miley Cyrus' Hacker Shut Down

Miley Cyrus' Hacker Shut Down-photo

Wired reports that the pervy computer whiz who allegedly hacked Miley Cyrus' cell phone and e-mail account and then disseminated provocative photos of the 15-year-old Disney princess online has been caught.

The Murfreesboro, Tennessee residence of Josh Holly, 19, was reportedly raided by the FBI yesterday morning after authorities tracked him down.

Holly was reportedly questioned by the Feds, and served with a warrant and two computers and his cell phone were taken. He was not arrested

Photos of autobiographer Miley Cyrus in various states of undress were spread all over the Internet earlier this year, and a hacker named "trainreq" (reportedly Jolly) claimed responsibility for the hack online and stated that he was posting the most provocative ones.

Various gossip blogs and websites posted the photos.

"I guess somebody ended up ratting me out," Jolly posted on a website called Threat Level, explaining how he was caught. 

Don't mess with Disney dude. Mickey Mouse will hunt your ass down.



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