Mischa and Mandy Eye Up ‘Vanity Fair’ Portraits

Beckham-bashing Mischa Barton and burn-victim befriending Mandy Moore showed up to the Vanity Fair Portraits: Photographs 1913-2008 Grand Opening at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art Tuesday night.

Mischa has been doing the rounds at various events lately. Her swag bag collection must be priceless by now.

Mandy has a keen, artistic eye; it makes sense that she’d show up just for the aesthetic value alone.

Also at the event were Rosario Dawson (who seems to keep bumping into Barton at these things), Jesse Metcalfe, Illeana Douglas and new mama Minnie Driver.

After the unveiling, stars headed to the Sunset Tower Hotel bar, where newlyweds Scarlett Johannson and Ryan Reynolds held court among fellow diners Courteney Cox (taking the cue from BFF Jennifer Aniston, who’s been there two nights in a row with a rekindled John Mayer), Vanity Fair editor in chief Graydon Carter and actress Kelly Lynch.

And, hey, if there’s an opening for a security guard or tour guide or anything at the museum, Minnie could use the work