Miss Teen Louisiana: Queen of the Dopes

Who says beauty-pageant contestants can’t be brainy?

Anyone who’s met Lindsey Evans, that’s who!

People magazine reports that Evans, 18, who won the Miss Teen Louisiana contest this year, has been dethroned.

The reason? She dined-and-dashed on a $46 restaurant tab.

And left her purse behind.

And her purse contained her driver’s license. Along with, allegedly, two grams of pot.

Police in Bossier City, Louisiana, were summoned to the Posados Cafe on Saturday night after a group of four women skipped out without paying their bill. There, cops found a purse containing the beauty queen’s ID, along with the two grams of doobage.

Cops charged the groovy foursome with theft; three of them also received drug charges, while two were rapped for possession of drug paraphernalia. Evans admitted to bailing on the bill, police say.

Aside from being stripped of her title, Evans will face no further repercussions from the pageant production company because, as company president Paula M. Miles notes, “She’s done a good job this year.”

A good job? Wow; what’s Paula been smoking?