Toni Braxton Found ‘DWTS’ Electrifying

Toni Braxton, the latest castoff from this season of Dancing With the Stars, didn’t see it coming when the ax fell on her and partner Alec Mazo last night.

“She was shocked I’m sure,” Mazo tells “But you just smile and take it. You don’t really have any other choice but to do that.”

Mazo and Braxton received a 22 score out of a possible 30 for their swing-dance routine on Monday’s episode. It was apparently not enough to overcome Cloris Leachman’s unstoppable cleavage.

Mazo is quick to add, however, that winning the competition wasn’t necessarily Braxton’s top priority.

“[T]he key for her was to get healthy and at the end of the day, she came on the show to prove to herself that she could dance and be active, and I think she did that,” Mazo says.

Braxton was forced to abandon her long-standing Las Vegas stint earlier this year when she was diagnosed with coronary microvascular angina.

Despite not taking home the glittery disco-ball trophy, Braxton has a lot to be proud of.

She managed to leave the show without developing another medical condition. Which has been a pretty rare occurrence this season.