VIDEO: Audrina Patridge Gets Wet for Ellen

Breast cancer is a serious issue. Hills renegade/budding scream queen Audrina Patridge is doing her part to eradicate it in the best way possible—by plunging into a tank full of water while wearing next to nothing.

Patridge showed up on the set of The Ellen DeGeneres Show clad only in a skimpy bikini (yes, yes—shocking). Then Ellen throws her balls around. After a half-dozen or so tosses, the plucky talk-show host and possible future mom leaves Audrina soaking. Check out the video below:

That’s hot—and given that the dunking raised $10,000 for the Ellen for a Cure breast-cancer foundation, it’s noble too!

Plus, it’s not a bad way to blow off a little steam from all the drama in your life, huh, Audrina?