VIDEO: Let's Go GaGa

VIDEO: Let's Go GaGa-photo

It's not a myth—dance/electronica sensation Lady GaGa has released a new video for her Gossip Girl-featured masterpiece "Poker Face." You can check it out below!

Warning: the following video contains huge canines, a melody that's catchy like Ebola, and the jaw-dropping brilliance of Lady GaGa:

Whew; holy hell, that was something! Overwhelming, really. Could someone pass the smelling salts?



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  • Mishelle

    Hey girly , how meny books do you have out now? 3 I'm only on the first ! Haha I'm just wondering u need to make a trip to Ohio again! I hope we treated you good! Lol bit would LOVE to see you! Maybe u could come here and do book signing! I would be the first one in line! I'm in Columbus! U would have a great time here! :) thanks hun hope to hear from you soon!

  • Mayra

    Lo máximo ... I love you so much kendra!!!!

  • Kayanna

    Hey Kendra, you should do a book signing in Canada!!

  • Heather

    Hey girl I have to say how much I absolutely love watching you. I'm just a normal mother And wife and work a 9-5 job. You have such an amazing life. I hope someday to meet you. I dont live to far away lol. Just north of LA! You and your family are so amazing and cute. I always watch your show and think about what it would be like to meet you and how you interact with people is awesome. Love how you don't care what you wear haha hey being A mom is not easy. Well girl have FUN!! I'm going to pick up your book!!

  • Kristin

    Darn! I was lo

  • Rachel crislip
    Rachel crislip

    Hey kendra! We had so much fun at your book signing! My sisters and I are in the picture with you you just posted.( my Sis did her crazy go Kendra dance). Thank you for being so nice to us.. We really had never ever done anything like that before and ended up having so much fun! Half way through the book so far! Thanks again!

  • buzzgent

    Yeah, I nailed this tranny back in '95, when she was still a stock boy at Krogers.

  • jessicaboots

    Lady Gaga is the best thing that has ever happened to the music industry!