Beyoncé Is…Out of Her Mind

In case there’s anyone left who didn’t get the memo, Beyoncé has an alter ego named Sasha Fierce. That’s why she named her upcoming two-disc album I Am…Sasha Fierce.

“I have someone else that takes over when it’s time for me to work,” Beyoncé confides to Us. “When I’m on stage, this alter ego that I’ve created kind of protects me and who I really am.”

Yeah, and all that extra padding probably protects you a bit, too, B.

“Sasha Fierce is the more sensual, more aggressive, more outspoken side that comes out when I’m on the stage.”

Hmmm. Beyoncé, Sasha Fierce, Etta James, a police woman…. Does anyone get the impression this girl might be suffering from multiple personality disorder?

At any rate, I Am… will be released November 18.  Then you’ll all see just how fierce this Sasha really is.