Halle Berry Takes Off, Eh?

As if imminent economic collapse wasn’t bad enough, Halle Berry has more bad news for America: She’s packing up and moving to Canada.

The Montreal Gazette reports that the hot new mom and her model boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, have bought a home in the St. Hippolyte area of Quebec. The 63-acre property sits on the edge of Molson Lake. (Yes, apparently Canucks love their beer so much that they name geographical features after it.)

Huh; no wonder Berry took a distinct lack of interest in the upcoming presidential election.

This will be a homecoming of sorts for Aubry, who grew up near Montreal and still has family in the Montreal suburb of Laval.

“It feels great,” Aubry says of the relocation. “Anything we can do in our hometown is always a great feeling.”

Speak for yourself, pretty boy. As for the rest of us, expect a sharp drop in the Dow based on this news.