Heigl Facing Homicide for Pooch Posse

We all know Katherine Heigl is an independent lady, what with her ceaseless stand-taking, but it doesn’t mean her husband Josh Kelley cant tug her leash from time to time.

The actress revealed last night at Peter Alexander’s doggie boutique opening in Los Angeles that she’s been foribdden by her singer/hubby to rescue any more dogs.

“My husband would kill me,” she confessed to Us Weekly of her inclination to rescue hounds.

“He married into a five-dog household!” she added.

The Grey’s Anatomy star said about eight years ago she realized the need for rescue, although Romeo (the miniature Schnauzer pictured) is from a breeder.

“I do understand people going to breeders, but what you cannot do is get a dog from a puppy mill. Never buy a dog from a pet store because it’s promoting puppy mills, and they treat their puppies atrociously,”  she said.

Now has Kelley but the kibosh on more dogs because he wants room for puppies of their own?

“I have great aspirations of having a big family,” Heigl let on.