Morning Frills #80: ‘A Complex Woman’ Edition

Yes, model Marisa Miller is an attractive woman. And a lover of footwear. But she’s so much more.

Miller graces the November issue of Complex magazine. She offers numerous insights into the life of one of the hottest women on the planet.

On her extracurricular activities: “I started boxing—it’s great because no matter what you were feeling when you walked in the gym, it’s completely gone when you leave. You get it all out.”

On the joys of nude body-painting for Sports Illustrated: “It’s a challenging day in a lot of ways. Some of the suits take like, 16 hours to paint. Then there’s the obvious fact that you don’t have any clothes on. But the end result is cool.”

On sticking up for the sisterhood:
“I’m definitely a competitive person when it comes to sports, but not with women. I’d much rather lift girls up than bring them down.”

Okay, lesson’s over. Reward yourself by clicking through the gallery on the right. Go ahead; you’ve earned it.