Peter Andre Is Price-less While Katie Parties

That’s a nice, uh, rack purse Katie Price has there. Did she have to knock over a couple of milk jugs with a cricket ball at the country bazaar to win that thing?

Katie, a/k/a Jordan, was out partying Wednesday night at London club Modiva. And, surprise—she hung out with none other than possible soon-to-be expatriate Paris Hilton.

Oh, wait…Paris Hilton…Eiffel Tower…now the purse all makes sense (sadly)!

Meanwhile, Price’s husband Peter Andre was nowhere to be found. The Metro paper claims “he wasn’t invited along for the ride, only weeks after his wife tried to put to bed talk their showbiz marriage was on the rocks.”

Katie would be wise to avoid being drawn into a costly divorce battle. Those plastic surgery missions to the States ain’t cheap, after all.