Sarah Jessica Parker: In a Stable Relationship?

Hey, Sarah Jessica Parker; is your marriage over? Stamp your hoof once for “yes,” or twice for “no.”

The Sex and the City star, who’s been dogged by rumors that her marriage is being torn apart by husband Matthew Broderick’s infidelity, stepped out of the Waverly Inn in New York this week with a man who—sit down for this—was not Matthew Broderick!

That’s right—the Waverly Inn, a well-known breeding ground for the world’s greatest romances. And the two seemed awfully close as SJP signed autographs for fans. 

Further incriminating evidence: whoever this guy is, he certainly bore the look of a man who would consent to doing the deed with Sarah Jessica Parker.

Matthew Broderick, it looks like your wife is stepping out on you. You might want to investigate. Or better yet—run like the wind!

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