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  • owekho

    Hi Kendra I just want to tell u that u r cool. U just inspire me.

  • corie willyums
    corie willyums

    kendra babe with all due respect you are the shit love yah

  • Nicole

    Hey kendra I just love you I just found out my husband wants a divorce so om going threw a hard time but you always make me smile

  • ruggero

    I love u...i thinking u every time i go to sleep and every time i wake up in the morning...i m from italy but i m ready to come to u ...just ask me and i m ready to meet u...also just for a coffe nothing else...but i really want know u...and not because u are stunning also if u are but because i think we compleate each other...really...i think that we can spend a good time together...hope u answer me...kisses sweet dreams...

  • Lynette

    Kendra, loved you since the first episode of GND! Never imagined you would become the woman you are today! A handsome husband, a beautiful son & your ever supporting family :) Thank you for giving us a little snipet of your life every week! Wish you guys the best!!!