Video: Robert Pattinson Rejects Twilight of the Sombrero

Video: Robert Pattinson Rejects Twilight of the Sombrero-photo

Life is great for Robert Pattinson, but that doesn't mean it's all a breezy tune.

For instance, arriving at a Mexican airport would be a stress-free stroll through an orderly terminal for the typical Englishman of Robert's age and station.

But look at the extra degree of difficulty Pattinson faces, due simply to his association with Twilight mania.

Haters may insinuate that Robert should have graciously accepted the sombrero, and played along with the spirit of the moment.

Saner minds must wonder: What was that misguided fan thinking? Giving Robert a hat that obscures that gorgeous mane of tousled hair!



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  • Speaking for the People
    Speaking for the People

    I thought Rob was a good guy until i read his interview in detail magazine. he said a very racist comment. i have no respect for that

  • anita1987

    This is ridicolous. So he was rejecting a sombrero .... and what? He was on an airplane for hours, he's pretty much flying around the world for his fans. He's arriving and hundreds of fans are there, screaming in his ears (He'll probably need hearing aid before he turns 30). He was writing autographs (ON THE AIRPORT!!!), taking pictures with fans and all that stuff. I bet he was even tired. Doesn't mean he dislikes sombreros neither does it mean he's a racist (I seriously dislike scarfs. Does that make me a racist? It's just a piece of clothing, for god's sake and I'm sure he wouldn't travel around the world and write autographs on AN AIRPORT if he were a racist ....) What I'm trying to say: You are making a big deal out of nothing. You just want hits for your website or you want us to dislike him, but you won't succeed to do so with little crap like this. It's has the opposite effect. We start to question YOUR sanity *lol* The guy can't even fart without you writing a negative article about it. That's just stupid. Give it a break. Altough I have to admit: I would have taken the sombrero. Sombreros are cool ^^

  • yana19

    you look funny

  • yana19

    you look gay

  • hispanicatthedisco

    He wouldn't accept a sombrero? Freakin' racist. I have no tolerance for intolerant people.

  • bladey

    Celebuzz's ploy seems to have changed. To enable them to add in the negative comments about a celeb they do an either or article. Sneaky but actually rather obvious. Youve' lost all the respect fans had for you. You wont get the hits you used to from Rob fans thats for sure. Bye bye

  • yup

    Ok..yeah I know I swore the other day I would never go on this site again after the ridiculous crap that was written about Rob being a "diva" but this is just getting blown way out of this site that desperate for hits that you now have to make "news" out of nothing???? For gawds sake, the man just got off of a plane, looked tired as hell, and was met by some fans who security seemed unprepared to deal with...Rob was courteous..he signed the autographs, smiled, was apologetic, what else do you want him to do...and as for the "sombrero incident 08" lol he wasn't even the one who pulled it off, it was one of his handlers, so just chill out...he was surprised and if you listen carefully he can hear his nervous pls stop trying to make this bigger than it is...Rob is a great actor, and I firmly believe he has a long career ahead of him, that is if he decides to keep making films, if I were him I would just get on the next plane to somewhere and just live a life of obscurity because this is insane, you would think he was like Britney chasing the paps around, he is simply just trying to live his life while all the crazy happens around him...

  • jmarcs

    "Saner minds must wonder: What was that misguided fan thinking? Giving Robert a hat that obscures that gorgeous mane of tousled hair!" Seriously people, relax! give celebuzz a break! i love rob, but seriously, all you people are slightly imbalanced....

  • becca

    Before I forget Rob's fans are with him for life. We are more excited by his Salvador Dali film than we are Twilight. Wake up to that fact.

  • becca

    Rob fans dont need this pile of crap. Head over to IMDB and chat there. Dont give celebuzz the hits.

  • torez

    You really are boring me now celebuzz. He's knackered after a long flight and suddenly a gang of nutty fans try and get in his face and chuck a sombrero on him. WTF. There was no courtesy given to him at all. You shoudl be havign a go at them.