‘90210’s Shenae Grimes: ‘I Never Wanted to Act’

Funny what a few years can do. For a young lady with no acting ambitions, Shenae Grimes wound up being the legacy of contemporary TV’s most iconic bitch, Shannen Doherty.

“I thought I’d be an artist, a fashion designer, a singer, a dancer, but never an actor,” Grimes tells Saturday Night magazine, on which she serves as the latest issue’s cover girl. “From there my passion for moving people through portrayals of different characters grew with every job. And five years later, here I am.”

That “here” is the CW’s splashy and trashy redux of Aaron Spelling’s cultural phenomenon Beverly Hills 90210.

Grimes’ character Annie is the parallel character to Doherty’s Brenda from years ago, a connection that’s led to a nice offscreen mentorship.

“The Annie/Brenda connection led to a sort of kinship between us,” Grimes said of guest star Doherty. “She’s advised me to stay strong, keep my head on, and focus on what’s real while letting the bullshit slide off.”

Oh, and that acting thing she never wanted to do? Consider her show hiatus already booked.

“I’m young and my goal as an actor is to experience and portray as many different roles as possible…I’ll try to spread my wings during the off season,” said Grimes.