‘Dancing’ Drama: Schwimmer and Burke Respond

After stinging comments about her and fellow female dancer’s bodies, Dancing with the Stars pro Lacey Schwimmer is speaking out.

Fellow Dancing talent Louis van Amstel and Maksim Chmerkovskiy are getting an earful from Lance Bass’ partner about accustations she’s too heavy.

“When I first saw these women this season, I said, ‘Guys, you know the camera adds 10 pounds,'” Chmerkovskiy told TV Guide,”you have to do something about this.”

Lacey’s rep Joyce Sevilla released the following statement to Celebuzz:

    As a woman, and a dancer, I am confident and happy with the way I look. While it is             unfortunate that two of my colleagues were compelled to express opinions about my body,     and the bodies of other talented women on Dancing with the Stars, I suppose they are         entitled to them. I, however, will focus on my work and being the best partner possible for     Lance, and hopefully set an example for any girl watching who wants to dance—no matter     what size she is or what she may look like.

Graceful dancer? Check. Graceful lady? Double check.

Schwimmer’s alleged partner in weight crime, Cherly Burke, also touched the subject with Ellen DeGeneres today.

“I was like, maybe I should just starve myself for four weeks just so people would shut up,” she told the chat show host, “but at the end of the day … I’m an athlete. I like to eat, I like to work out, and I like to feel healthy, and I feel healthy.”