‘Glib’ Matt Lauer Gets Roasted by Tom Cruise

So, remember Matt Lauer’s 2005 Good Morning America interview with Tom Cruise wherein the clumsy-paparazzi savior told Lauer, “See, here’s the problem: You don’t know the history of psychiatry—I do,” and “Matt, Matt…you’re glib,” while discussing Scientology and the “negative” effects of prescription drugs?

Matt Lauer & Tom Cruise

OK! now reports that, since he’s in the Big Apple, Cruise cruised over to the Friars Club roast of Lauer last night to surprise him with a few comedic jabs.

“Everyone in the room was shocked,” says an audience member. “Tom just walked across the stage after a video segment.”

Tom threw out a few zingers while Photoshopped images of the two palling around were projected behind him.

“When we can’t get together, we’ll talk on the phone two, three, four times a day and say, ‘Matt are you watching this?’ And he’ll say, ‘yeah.’ And we’ll sit there,” joked the Scientologist.

“In front of all these people, I just want you to know I can’t believe I flew all the way out here… Now lose my number, you glib putz.”

When Cruise bolted from the stage, Matt called after him, “Come on, Tom… Stay. We can get a booster seat! Oh, guess his spaceship has to leave.”

Check out Howard Stern, Jeffrey Ross, Bob Sagat and Clay Aiken (?!?) at the event.