Heidi Klum Is Flying the Coop

Heidi Klum Is Flying the Coop-photo

Heidi Klum, get back here! Where do you think you're going, young lady?

Yes, Project Runway looks to be sliding into a bin full of sticky legal red tape, but jumping ship when the going gets tough is so very un-fabelhaft of you.

Well, okay, it's probably unfair to insinuate the good friend of John Mayer would be up to anything shady. She was actually just attending a Los Angeles Victoria's Secret party celebrating The Heidi Klum Collection for Very Sexy Makeup.

Hey, Carrot Top might have learned a thing or two by attending this shindig!

Anyway, hang in there, Heidi; even though showbiz is a delicate song and dance, this whole Runway mess will surely get straightened out.



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