Jennifer Hudson's Mother and Brother Killed

Jennifer Hudson's Mother and Brother Killed-photo

Singer and Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Hudson's mother, Darnell Hudson Donerson, 57, and brother Jason, 29, were found dead of gunshot wounds in Chicago this afternoon, the New York Daily News reports. Their bodies were discovered at Donerson's home by a cousin who lived nearby.

Police have declared the home a crime scene and suspect that a domestic dispute may have been the cause of the killings.

Authorities have issued an all-points bulletin for Hudson's seven-year-old nephew, Julian King, who may have been abducted from the scene.

Police are looking for a 1994 white Chevrolet Suburban.


MTV News reports that police have identified a suspect in the double slaying as William Balfour, an African American male in his twenties.

Balfour is believed to have kidnapped Hudson's nephew, Julian, and is assumed to be armed and dangerous.

It is believed Balfour had been living at the residence, and that he has had an ongoing romantic relationship with Hudson's sister Julia.

Neighbors are now saying they heard shots coming from the home at around eight or nine Friday morning.  The deaths were not reported until a family member discovered the bodies Friday afternoon.

Jennifer Hudson, who entered the public eye as a contestant on American Idol, is assumed to be en route to Chicago from Tampa, Florida.



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  • bawwow

    freakin crazzzyyyy :(

  • elizabeth22560

    that is a real shame. i don't wish that upon anyone in the world. no one deserves this. i hope they can find her nephew soon, and the jerk that did this shouldn't even get a trial. execute his azz!

  • Justin

    Sad! There is no god in my eye's. If he let's horrific thing's happen to good people. It's very sad and very depressing hearing people murdered. Sad. Atleast they don't have to live in a cruel and pointless world like this anymore.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    That's incredibly sad....