Kirsten Dunst and Justin Long: Not-so-Stealth Couple

Kirsten Dunst and Justin Long, you’re as busted as the U.S. economy!

The Spider-Man chick and the Mac guy—who are totally dating no matter what they try to say—were spotted by Splash News Online last night, enjoying a romantic dinner at La Poubelle restaurant in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles.

The cagey couple were observed engaging in non-platonic behavior. They openly indulged in public displays of affection.

Until they noticed that people were there photographically documenting their relationship.

When the pair whiffed paps, they cooled off, and Justin bolted to meet his brother at West Hollywood watering hole Bar Lubitsch.

Why do these two continue to deny the obvious? C’mon, Kiki, lapping up Drew Barrymore’s castoffs is nothing to beat yourself up over.