Lindsay Lohan Adds to the Unemployment Stats

Lindsay Lohan Adds to the Unemployment Stats-photo

Things are tough all over, even—especially—for Lindsay Lohan.

First, her run on Ugly Betty was cut short by two episodes. And that appears to be just the beginning of her professional problems; MSNBC reports (second item) that her job prospects have completely dried up, thanks partly to her flaky behavior.

"It's over for Lindsay," says a source close to Lohan. "She's got no film work, she's not going to land TV jobs; I hear she's tried to get on Dancing With the Stars and can't."

Well, to be fair, Dancing With the Stars has some pretty high standards.

Lohan is more of a tabloid fixture than a box-office draw these days. "It's not a matter of will she show up or not anymore, it's that she can't carry a movie," the source continues. "When you aren't a draw, you aren’t going to get auditions. It’s that simple."

Luckily, Lohan is a resourceful gal who no doubt has a back-up career or two.



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  • bawwow

    hmmmmm....weird how this story came out the same night she appeared on the show.

  • missguydead

    I actually remember a time when I thought Lindsay was a cute talented actress.... *sigh* I even thought she was cute in Mean Girls, and that's when it all went down hill. Curvaceous, red head Lindsay was hot. I'm not liking blonde lesbian Skeletor Lindsay a lot these days. By the time she actually gets her act together it will be way too late for her career. She, unfortunately, just has a lot of growing up to do. When will they learn?