Madonna Tries to Control Her Bloodthirsty Rage

Madonna has a bad temper? As improbable as that may seem, the Sun reports that Madge is receiving anger-management treatment from a Kabbalah counselor to rein in her fury over Guy Ritchie as their messy divorce unspools.

“Madonna is very angry with Guy—about his cold treatment of her in the marriage, about the nasty details of their marriage that have leaked out, and about the money he is demanding,” says a source. “She’s furious. She’s the one working her ass off on tour.”

Madonna has enlisted a Kabbalah counselor to help curb her rage on tour, and is expected to visit the Kabbalah Center in New York this weekend.

Don’t worry, Madge; a little sprinkle of magic water, an extra strand of red string, and you should be Mother Teresa in no time. And if not, you can vent your anger by lifting a taxicab above your head and tossing it into a crowd of pedestrians.