‘Project Runway’s Identical Twin Being Born?

Page Six reports that NBC Universal, owner of Bravo, is readying an allegedly identical show to Project Runway to appear on the network as a replacement for the top-rated reality competition.

NBC Universal recently lost Runway to Lifetime, but has filed a court injunction to keep the show from appearing.

A replacement series, Fashion House, is said to be very similar. Will Gisele Bundchen be hosting?

“It’s a shameless copycat show. The way they are doing the casting, and the format of the show, is just like Project Runway. It’s a rip-off, ” an insider says.

NBC is suing Lifetime and the Weinstein Co. for not allowing them the right to first refusal after Lifetime purchased ProjRun for $150 million for the next five years.

Runway producers are reportedly afraid that Bravo will air the new Fashion House show in an attempt to capture their stalled show’s audience.

No need to worry. If Tim Gunn isn’t involved, they’re sunk from the beginning. He’s a catch phrase machine.