The Real Skinny on Allegra Versace

Good god, Allegra Versace; you make the 90210 girls look like Cheryl Burke! Lose one more ounce, and UNICEF is going to hold a fundraiser for you!

Allegra, the 22-year-old daughter of designer Donatella Versace, was out with her mom in New York City Thursday to attend an event honoring the elder Versace.

Judging from her matchstick-width legs, she’s been on an air and pretend-water diet for a while.

Then again, there’s always the possibility that this sticks an IV tube in her kid and sucks her essence out every night.

And what was Balthazar Getty doing hanging with the Komodo dragon of the fashion world and her emaciated offspring?

Paying off his karmic debt for being such a colossal dirtbag, duh!

Do we have to explain everything around here?