Tom Cruise Constructing NYC Scientology Stronghold?

Page Six reports that Tom Cruise is buying up loft units willy-nilly in an NYC building in which he previously owned a single apartment.

The 12-story building, near 14th Street, will now be providing the Cruises with several floors.

Tom and Katie now keep five units in the building. They turned one into [two-year-old daughter] Suri’s playroom. One they use for a gym, and two apartments are for staff,” a source says.

Cruise apparently bought a tenth-floor unit in the building in 1985, and has held onto it since then.

“In the past couple of months they’ve bought up all these other apartments,” the source said. “They’re all separate and on different floors. Tom is seen coming in and out all the time, and he’s really friendly to everyone he meets. But Katie just kind of keeps her head down.”

Is Katie keeping her head down because she’s depressed that Tom has installed bars on all of the windows? Is there’s really no escape for her and Suri at this point?

The only thing on its way out may just be her teeth!