Vanessa Hudgens Nude: The Discussion Rages On

Despite all of Vanessa Hudgensrecent accomplishments, one moment in her career seems to be permanently stuck in the public’s mind: The scandal that erupted when nude pics that she had taken for her boyfriend Zac Efron were leaked onto the Internet.

The High School Musical sweetheart was recently interviewed by the Mirror about the latest and possibly last installment of the HSM franchise. The nude pix subject popped up yet again.

Luckily, Vanessa has developed a philosophical perspective on the whole episode.

“Everything happens for a reason and I wouldn’t take back anything I’ve done,” ‘Nessa replied. “It was very traumatic, but I wouldn’t have been able to get through it if it wasn’t for my family, friends and fans.

“I’m growing up and I’m learning,” Hudgens continued. “I’m in control of what’s happening next. At times it’s been hard, but I feel so lucky to be where I’m at now.”

No question, Hudgens is writhing her way toward maturity. But hopefully that won’t deter her from stripping down again when the mood strikes her. After all, everybody seems to be doing it these days.