Video 'Twilight' as Robert Pattinson Mobbed Part Deux

Video 'Twilight' as Robert Pattinson Mobbed Part Deux-photo

If this Twilight stuff doesn't work out, Rob Pattinson can alway do car commericals in Mexico.

The Little Ashes star continued his Mexican hysteria tour, promoting his insanley hyped vampire flick and causing major heart pains for teen girls.

Because being knighted by sombrero/assaulted at the airport is not enough, a second mob scene gathered in a mall parking lot.  Pandemonium erupts as Rpattz shuffles to his towncar.

The wails, screams, grunts and tears may seem a bit dramatic, but that's nothing compared to sounds coming from Twilight producers as they anticipate box office dollars.

This is only the beginning of many more Patt-attacks to come.



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  • Francisca Ronquillo
    Francisca Ronquillo

    I love lil Hank he is such a cutie like his moma and daddy:D

  • Eugenia fashima aiyenigba
    Eugenia fashima aiyenigba

    I love you open mind nd free spirited being. You re my family role model. My luv to your mum. She is one nd a kind. God bless you all.

  • Amy

    My Sister In Law And Were Looking Ansolutly Every Just To Find Something That Tells Us Were We Could Meet You. Devasted We Could But Glad You Had Fun (:

  • Tari

    I love u kendra i am watching u on tv, and your family from nigeria we love u. You are God prefection,and email me if u are not too buzy that will make me so excited.

  • Heather Wenzel
    Heather Wenzel

    Hi Kendra! First off your little one is adorable. Second the biggest reason I'm writing is because I watched your show on E! This weekend and I was in tears. I'm so sorry to hear about Hanks dad. My mom died last year from lung cancer and she had the same thing with them diagnosing her like 5 times with anomonia. By the time the doc gave a damn she was to far in stages so pretty much they sugar coated everything n we didn't know really how bad it was. She was diagnosed March 1st 2010 and dies May 10th 2010! I hope everything works out for the best for Hanks father and send many prayers towards your family! Btw my mom n I watched your show all the time when she was sick. I would cuddle with her and watch! You are such a role model and ty for continuing your show! I look forward to Sundays. Lol if I were to meet anyone it would be you!you are a fantastic mom

  • mary

    He's SO cute!!! I think u guys are so Awsome on how down to earth u guys it!!! Biggest fan....

  • natalie hernandez
    natalie hernandez

    Aww how adorable!!! My son had that same exact costume last year for his first halloween. Hope you guys have fun and eat lots of his candy.

  • angela

    He is so cute!!!! My god u r in so much trouble w him ..... Girls then the ladies.... Tight rope k..... N Hank I know ur lil man will turn out wonderful...w two great parents nothing but the best.. he will treat the girls/ladies w much love n respect!Happy Halloween !!!!

  • Wendy Telfer
    Wendy Telfer

    Too Cute!

  • mimi

    Your son is too cute and u and Hank are great parents. I admire your relationship.

  • Vanessa

    Hey looks so cute! The cutest shark ive ever seen

  • Deb T
    Deb T

    Super cute! My baby was a shark (from Old Navy) last year! This year triceratops!!

  • Eva

    Freakin ADORABLE!!!!!! <3 it!!!

  • Salina Leon
    Salina Leon

    I bought my 14 month old daughter the hamburger costume. It's so freakin cute! Love Old Navy!

  • Sonia

    Just when you think Baby Hank can get no cuter!!!!! adoreable.....

  • NicolaFranklin

    aww!! my brother used to have a really cute monsters inc costume and he wore it all the time!-icant wait til the new series hits E in the uk!! x

  • Klagunas

    I saw this clip on E! News, he looks adorable! That lil man of yours is gona be a chick magnet wihtout a doubt!!! I bought my daughter the same Monkey costume lil Hank wore where he was crying. Lol. That's y I love u. You r so down to earth. You shop at the same stores regular people shop at. You are one hot momma! HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO YOU GUYS!

  • bladey

    You should have seen the video footage inside the building. It was nuts.