Angelina Back on the Big Screen in ‘Changeling’

Angelina Jolie, talented actress and compulsive child collector, returns to the silver screen this weekend with the premiere of the Clint Eastwood-directed Changeling

Angie, who has taken a career hiatus to expand her and Brad Pitt’s brood, plays Christine Collins, a grieving mother whose kidnapped son is returned to her.  She soon realizes that she was reunited with the wrong child.

The film deals with a corrupt police force, a search for answers, and a truth that will forever change the life of Jolie’s character. 

Angelina’s presence on the big screen in the past year or so has been confined to Wanted and Beowulf. She most likely won’t be making much of a career comeback anytime soon; the majority of her plans include more children

Still, the actress hasn’t come close to slipping from the A-list.  That’s how it works when you’re one half of Hollywood’s hottest power couple

So check out her newest provocative thriller.  You might only be catching a glimpse here and there of the hot mama in the future.