Full Wattage: Naomi Is Almost Popped!

Full Wattage: Naomi Is Almost Popped!-photo

Mega-Watts! Spotted yesterday in NYC, actress and Liev Schreiber-bride (or not?) Naomi Watts did some doggie shopping in Greenwhich Village.

You'd better spoil them pooches now, Naomi. When a second little one comes into the house, Bob (a Yorkie) and Ned (Cocker Spaniel) might be fighting for time and attention.

Perhaps Watts, always fashionable, is moving to prevent possible rivalries by spoiling the canine pair?

Here she carries goods from Happy Paws, a 9,000-square-foot doggie spa that features grooming, private suites for overnight stays, themed decor and live web-cams for owners to have constant supervision of their pets.

Imagine what the actual children will get.



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