Remember When: Jennifer Lopez Dated Diddy

Two of today’s hottest stars, Jennifer Lopez and P Diddy, used to be an item way back when.

Diddy, known as Puff Daddy during his J-Lo phase, and the new mother of twins dated for two and a half years.

Stress from the public nature of their relationship, along with Diddy’s involvement in a highly publicized nightclub shooting in New York City, caused the pair to split up in 2001—on Valentine’s Day!

While Jen moved on to a quickie marriage with dancer Chris Judd, followed by an aborted engagement to big-screen stiff Ben Affleck and a long-term (for her, anyways) marriage to Marc Anthony, Diddy continues to play the field and be the bad boy that he is.

Take a walk down memory lane with Diddy and J-Lo.