‘Saturday Night Live’ Is all About the Politics

In the 33 years that Saturday Night Live has been gracing television screens across America, the late-night comedy has made a habit of spoofing the country’s most controversial politicians. 

With the upcoming historical election, the show’s writers have kicked that longstanding tradition into full gear, doing political spoof after spoof. 

Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin impersonation has reached legendary status and is spot on almost every episode.

Even Will Ferrell returned to the show to reprise his notorious portrayal of President George W. Bush on a special mid-week edition.

As ballot day inches closer, SNL is sure to amp up the political satire; so if you’re a fan of having a little chuckle at the expense of those who could potentially run our country, then stay tuned!

Check out the gallery of Saturday Night Live’s infamous politician mockeries!