Amy Winehouse: In The Hospital and Facing Arrest

Amy Winehouse is currently in the hospital undergoing tests on her chests and lungs, and NOT in rehab according to People.

“They wanted to do some tests as a precaution,” her spokesvictim says. “Obviously she had lung and chest problems which she had treatment for not so long ago.”

Winehouse went into the hospital in June for a lung infection, and she seems to have lingering aftereffects.

At the same time, The Sun reports that Winehouse is being sought by London police for her failure to appear at a scheduled appointment for questioning regarding an incident at the End of the Summer Ball in August.

Winehouse is alleged to have punched dancer Sherene Flash after Sherene asked for a photo with Winehouse.

Amy neglected to appear at the police station as scheduled last Wednesday, and didn’t call to explain her absence.

Well, she should be easy to find now. But good luck getting anything intelligible out of her. Have they seen her lately?