Daniel Radcliffe Gives Zac Efron a Run for the Money

Daniel Radcliffe sprinted through New York City Monday, doing what appeared to be an afternoon jog.

But there seems to be a, uh, running parallel between Radcliffe and fellow heartthrob Zac Efron.

For instance, while Daniel is currently going au naturel in critically-acclaimed Broadway play Equus, Zac was rumored to be taking over in the lead role of Alan Strang once Radcliffe exited. (The story has since been refuted by Efron.)

Meanwhile, Zac spent practically the entire summer speeding to and fro while on foot.

Is Daniel trying to prove that he can keep up with the High School Musical star’s rise to fame?

Who knows…maybe he’s simply galloping toward Vanessa Hudgens across the alleyway pole-dancing on a stop sign.