David Beckham Says No to the Big Screen

David Beckham is many things. Soccer sensation. Fish-stick aficionado. Human windshield. Rule-breaker. And occasional waiter.

But don’t call him an actor.

Posh Spice and her ol’ ball-and-chain might have ensconced themselves among the Hollywood crowd, but Becks has no plans to use his connections as a springboard to a film career.

“What film career? I haven’t got one,” Beckham shot back at a British GQ interviewer in the magazine’s December edition. “Never say never, except about that!  And that’s the way it’s going to stay.”

Beckham didn’t elaborate on his distaste for appearing on the big screen. Perhaps it has something to do with the spotty track record of athlete-turned-actor projects thus far.

Or maybe his dramatic skills are already stretched to the limit by acting turned on by his wife’s physique.