Hulk Hogan’s Son Has Learned From Jail

Hulk Hogan spoke to E! on Friday about his son Nick’s release from jail, and how much his spawn has grown from the experience.

“He was on a roll,” he said. “He was a young professional driver. He had the show going, and then when he went to jail, he got stripped of everything.

“He got stripped of clothes, of watches, and he found out what’s important in life,” Hulk added.

The watches must have been a totally crushing blow. It’s bad enough to cause your best friend permanent brain damage, but to have your watch taken away—tragic.

“And before he went in there, he was accountable, and he was responsible. And he found out in jail, the most important thing. It’s about helping people, being positive, moving forward.”

As long as he helps and moves forward without getting behind the wheel of a car…