Jennifer Aniston: Two-Timing with Gerard Butler?

Last month’s rumors of Jennifer Aniston getting frisky with Gerard Butler in Toronto might have some legs.

The New York Post is reporting that Aniston was dining with 300 stud Butler at L.A.’s Tower Bar over the weekend.  And, yep, that’s the same joint where she was eating with John Mayer—whom she’s rumored to be back together with—the other week.

Way to sip where you sleep, Jen!

“They were very affectionate to each other,” says a source. “There was another man at the table, but he looked like he just there to stop tongues wagging. They basically ignored him.”

Meanwhile, the real shocker: Gerard Butler, 38, and Aniston, 39, are roughly the same age.

Careful, Jen—you might find yourself getting kicked out of the cougar den.

But go ahead and have fun; Gerard seems like a great catch who has super-classy taste in women.