Lindsay Lohan, Situational Lesbian

Her impassioned pleas for gay rights not withstanding, Lindsay Lohan wants the world to know that she has one leg planted on either side of the sexual-orientation fence, according to the New York Daily News.

Friends of the occasional actress say that, when it comes to the ladies, she only has eyes for Samantha Ronson, and otherwise remains attracted to guys.

“She has been telling everyone over and over that she’s still into guys,” says a Linds pal. “She keeps saying if anything went wrong with Sam she would date a guy next. She even flirts with guys when they go out.”

Lohan is going so far as to declare that she’s not officially a lesbian in an upcoming magazine interview.

Which isn’t to say that Lohan and her bikini buddy are on the fast train to Splitsville. According to friends of the couple, the relationship is solid and the two are “still googly-eyed for each other.”

Of course, being googly-eyed isn’t always a symptom of romantic infatuation. Especially in Lindsay Lohan’s case.