‘DWTS’: No Pity for the Old Biddy

Cloris Leachman is discovering that flaunting one’s geriatric cleavage will only get one so far on Dancing With the Stars.

One judge lashed out a the 82-year-old actress for coasting on her charm after an uninspired cha-cha-cha routine on last night’s DWTS episode, reports MSNBC.

Carrie Ann Inaba reminded Leachman and partner Corky Ballas of failed contestants past, scolding, “We lost Toni Braxton for this.”

Ooh; a low blow, and one that was greeted with a sympathetic chorus of boos from the studio audience. Viewer loyalty may keep Leachman afloat, despite a dismal score of 15 points.

And if not, perhaps she can find solace in the arms of a dashing younger man who’s used to doing good deeds for the downtrodden.