Elle Macpherson’s Drug Run

Smiling mom/supermodel Elle MacPherson, 44, is getting out of town with her brother Ben.

One reason she might feel like disappearing is that reports have surfaced linking her to convicted drug trafficker Brian Burgess.

The Daily Telegraph notes, “[Burgess] was sentenced to four years for attempting to smuggle 2 kg. of cocaine from the U.S. in hollowed-out boots. He was deported to England, where he was born, after serving out his jail term. He left a wife and three children in Australia.”

Sounds like a class act! Though, actually, Elle could do a lot worse.

“Burgess, 56, now owns a removals company called Aussie Man & Van and reportedly met Macpherson when he helped her move from Notting Hill to Ladbroke Grove in west London,” the Telegraph continues.

However, MacPherson apparently “emphatically denies” being involved with the guy.

Yeah, pack your bags and run while you can, Elle…otherwise you might find yourself falling into the life of a drug mule, stashing coke in your Hermes Birken and getting strip-searched at Heathrow!

Hmmm. On second thought…