It’s ‘Twilight’ Time in Madrid

In preparation for the insanely anticipated release of big-screen vampire epic Twilight, stars Cam Gigandet and Kristen Stewart, along with director Catherine Hardwicke, hit up the Hotel ME in Madrid on Monday to attend a photo-call.

Not on hand for the event: Robert Pattinson, who was presumably busy kicking his fans in the shins.

Lest anyone become confused, crepúsculo—the word on the backdrop behind them—is Spanish for “twilight.” Also, culo is Spanish for “ass;” so crepúsculo actually means “crepús ass.” Spain. Strange, huh?

Also, does anyone else think “Hardwicke” is a funny name that sounds kind of dirty, like the name of a character in a porno film set in the Victorian era?

No, huh? Okay, whatever. Enjoy the photos.