Morning Frills #83: ‘Hoppy Halloween’ Edition

Playboy magazine isn’t usually associated with fright, unless one is envisioning its 82-year-old publisher Hugh Hefner engaging in coitus. (Or considering some of their proposed celebrity pictorials.)

But Halloween is one of the biggest bashes of the year at Camp Bunny, so much so that they actually held a media preview of for their annual Halloween Celebration this year.

Reporters were given a preview of some hair-raising exhibits on Friday, and thanks to the ever-gracious gaggle of half-dressed hostesses, their hair probably wasn’t the only thing standing on end.

Now you too can get a taste of what All Hallows Eve will be like at the House That Hef Built by clicking through the gallery on the right. Trick or treat? Probably a little bit of both. But one thing’s for sure: the phrase “scared stiff” has now taken on an enticing new meaning.