‘Walter the Farting Dog’ Throws Jonas Bros a Bone

Sorry, Changeling, Milk and Quantum of Solace; high-brow and action-packed you may be, but the real movie news coming out of Tinseltown is that the Jonas Brothers have signed on to star in the big-screen adaptation of Walter the Farting Dog.

And, children, hold on to your hats (and your flatulence!)—the bonus Jonas, i.e., little brother Frankie, will star alongside older siblings Nick, Kevin and Joe!

Wow, wow, wow and bonus wow!!!

As the site Coming Soon describes the film, the Jo Bros will be playing “musicians whose parents are asked to take care of Walter…. While his brothers play music, Frankie and the gaseous hound get involved in a plot that involves liberating a koi fish and thwarting jewel thieves.”

Well, in case anyone was wondering why Taylor Swift dumped Joe Jonas