Angelina Jolie Fears Brad’s Diane Kruger Friendship

The tables have turned for man-stealing Angelina Jolie.

The second time’s a charm for Brad Pitt and his 32-year-old Inglorious Basterds co-star Diane Kruger, at least according to Star.

Brad and Diane previously worked together in Troy four years ago. At the time, the heavily-taxing stud was married to Jennifer Aniston. Star notes that Jen “was always jealous of Diane.”

And Angie’s predicament is this: She met Brad on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, while the fedora-loving DILF was still married to Aniston.

“Angie loves Brad and wants to trust him, but she also knows that their own love blossomed while working on a movie together,” an insider tells the mag. “Now she’s convinced that Diane has a crush on Brad, and she’s scared something could happen.”

It doesn’t help that Brad and Diane supposedly went through “several bottles of wine together” at a recent cast dinner.

Kruger also told a German newspaper, “Troy was my first international film, and I was still married back then. I’m excited to work with Brad.”

Geez, if it’s not one broad throwing themselves at Brad while making this movie, it’s another!