Ashley Olsen’s Blackout Terror Shock

Western art world, rejoice; Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s literary masterpiece Influence has finally arrived!

Here the on-again/off-again Olsen Twins are seen at a Barnes & Noble book signing at New York City’s Union Square. Scribble till you drop, girls—it’s money in the bank!

Meanwhile, in a shocking revelation, the National Enquirer reports that Ashley lets spill with one of her darkest, most horrifying fears in the book.

“I never really remember how an interview went,” reveals Justin Bartha’s squeeze. “I guess I black out.”

No, Ashley! This is too terrifying! No!!!

“I just get very anxious. I’m really not great with crowds or big groups or public speaking. It’s just something about being in front of that many people.”

Wait, how many customers showed up to the book signing? Oh, God! Too late! Ashley just bit floor.