Dina Lohan to Hoof It on ‘DWTS’?

Will nothing stop the meteoric rise to fame of Dina and Ali Lohan?

New York magazine reports that LiLo’s mom may add to her résumé by joining the light-footed ranks of Dancing With the Stars.

Apparently, Dina was dropping some heavy hints at Animal Fair magazine’s Halloween Costume Pet Party earlier this week. Asked if she had any plans to exploit the mad dancing skillz that she recently displayed on Living La Vida Lohan, she replied, “I’m not allowed to say…[b]ut I will say that I am a fan of Dancing With the Stars.”

Asked to elaborate, the professional stage mother responded with a teasing cackle.

Then preternaturally aged daughter Ali chimed in, “I mean, I’ve seen her dance on the show and everything, and me and my brother were really surprised she did it. I think she’d do really good.”

Hmm; on one hand, this would mean more media exposure for Dina Lohan. On the other hand, with the Dancing With the Stars curse in full effect, it could mean the last media exposure for her.

Break a leg, Dina! Really. And maybe you can throw yourself into a wood chipper while you’re at it.