Elisabeth Hasselbeck Marked for Death!

Who could possibly hate Elisabeth Hasselbeck? Plenty of people, according to her cohort Whoopi Goldberg.

The New York Post quotes the Dreaded One as saying that staunch Republican Hasselbeck receives more death threats than anyone else within the talk-show coven.

Which is saying something, given the level of contentiousness on The View lately.

But the Sister Act comedienne shouldn’t be considered a suspect in the Hasselbeck threats.

“Truth is, we could not have a dialogue without Elizabeth,” Goldberg asserts. “It’s not that we have to agree, the important thing is that we have the conversation.”

A “conversation”? Is that what they’re calling The View’s daily screech-fest?

Thanks for the clarification, Whoopi; maybe the WWE should change the name of its weekly televised matches to Friday Night Tea Party.