Gwen Stefani and Gavin Take Zuma to the Library

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Take Zuma to the Library-photo

Why, hello there, Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale!

What a lucky tyke you are that mom Gwen Stefani and dad Gavin Rossdale brought you to the Beverly Hills Public Library.

Picking through the building's extensive selection of books probably beats mom toting you around as part of her Halloween costume last weekend.

Plus, it's nice to see that after two months you've finally come out of hiding to say hello to the world!

Even goth babies need to see the sunshine now and then.

Happy reading!

Photos by Clint Brewer/Splash News



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  • elite90

    very cute baby, but why the name "Zuma"? it's different, i understand that but what does it mean. i know it's a game you can play online and download to ur phone.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    The library? Can't they afford to buy their kid books? Can the kid even read yet? So many questions...

  • hispanicatthedisco

    That is one ugly kid.