Hanson MMMBops the Finger to the Paps

Hanson MMMBops the Finger to the Paps-photo

Hanson are currently underway with their Take the Walk Tour, doing their part to bring attention to the poverty and AIDS epidemic in Africa.

Basically, as a symbolic gesture, the guys march around barefoot for photo ops to raise awareness.

On a tour stop in Falls Church, Virginia, yesterday, they invited fans to go for a stroll with them. But when a camera man asked middle Hanson bro Taylor to sing a few lines from the trio's 1997 hit "MMMBop," he gave the guy a special one-finger wave.

Keep it classy, T! Hopefully this isn't a sign of what can be expected once the Jonas Brothers are washed up get older.

That'd be such a shame, since those three are taking such a high road currently.



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