Lily Allen: Not Tipsy at Lipsy

Thanks Lily Allen.  There’s yet one more thing this uncertain world can no longer depend on.

The Daily Mail reports that Allen—whose dance with the bottle is the stuff of legend—has given up booze, at least for the time being.

The “Smile” singer attended a launch party for the Lipsy clothing store at London’s Crystal night club Tuesday night. Much to the surprise of…well, pretty much everyone, she didn’t have a drop of the hard stuff.

“I enjoyed the night, but I’m not drinking at all,” the one-time sot revealed after the bash.

Earlier this week, Allen posted on her blog, “I haven’t even had a drink in weeks.”

With the economic meltdown sweeping over the globe, can the world’s distilleries take this hit to their pocketbooks?

Thankfully, Lily seems determined to make up for the deficit by flowing as much work to auto-body shops as she can muster.

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